The Site

The Fraser Range site, in Eastney, is in the far south-east of Portsea Island and comprises approximately 11.4 acres.

The site is bordered to the northwest by a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC), to the north by Fort Cumberland (which is a Scheduled Ancient Monument), to the east by The Solent, to the south by Eastney Beach and to the west by the Southsea Leisure Park.

It is a complex site with several constraints. It also represents a fantastic opportunity to regenerate a derelict site with a development of exceptional quality, allowing public access around the island and to Langstone Harbour for the first time in memory. The sea defences, which are integral to the development, will protect the site, Fort Cumberland, and crucially, other homes on the Eastney peninsula.

The first wooden and earthwork Fort Cumberland was originally partly within the site, and as such a large area in the centre and east of the site is protected by Scheduled Monument status and cannot have any further development in it. Fort Cumberland and Eastney Beach are also both SINCs.

The views from Fort Cumberland to the Solent Forts also need to be protected and along the beach there are a series of listed World War II era concrete “tank traps”, which while falling outside of this application do need to be considered as part of it. The site is also close the Solent European Maritime Sites.